Wednesday, August 24, 2011


When mutations go right.
First of all, why didn't anyone tell me!?  This movie is really good!  Where were the fanboys? Where was the buzz?  Why didn't everyone get excited about this movie and tell me to see it before it got to the dollar theater??  I had friends who saw it and said "Oh, I enjoyed it." but no one was running around pounding on doors and yelling in keyholes with the news that this X-Men movie not only didn't suck but is REALLY GOOD!  It's all 60's and glamorous and has people who can act AND Hally Berry IS NOT IN IT! It's a win for everyone!  Was X MEN: THE LAST STAND so bad that no one likes X Men movies anymore?


Oh.  Yeah... X3 was really bad....

"My evil secretaries always wear white catsuits. Why?"
Well friends, it's time to put on your big kid underwear and go see FIRST CLASS right now!  It has Kevin Bacon in it so it's actually required viewing.  You get to meet Beast when he's not the Beast, Magneto before he's Magneto, and Professor X when he's trying to get into co-ed's pants.  You get to see how everything started.  You even learn how Magneto and Professor X got to be friends and why they are always going on in the other movies about how much they lurv each other and why the other one is wrong.   You learn all about Mystique and, listen closely,... Cyclops ISN'T in it.

Super Stripper-power
What? You want more?  There's a really groovy African-American man but he dies cause everyone sucks.  (Yes I'm bitter.)  You get to see things blow up.  It's the 60's so everyone has killer style.  There are languages other than English in this film and the accents are superb.  The bad guy has a yacht which turns into a submarine. There are girls in their underwear in Las Vegas.  There is even a Cuban Missile Crisis!  What else do you need!

Fine.  Wolverine has a cameo.  Just see it.  It's good.

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