Sunday, July 21, 2013


Awesome things about PACIFIC RIM:

1. Giant Godzilla-monsters

2. Giant robots

3. Giant robots fighting giant monsters

4. Ron Perlman

5. Rampant destruction.

6. Watching giant robots fight giant monsters.

7. Leaving the theater after watching a big loud movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters and seeing the dark cloudy sky filled with the silent flashes of 527 lightning hits in Las Vegas (so far!) tonight.  It was almost more amazing than a big loud movie about giant robots fighting Godzilla monsters!
Well, okay, maybe it was cooler...

Questions I had after watching PACIFIC RIM:

1. Why is simply punching a giant monster considered an effective form of combat when the monsters have tough thick hides, bony potrubances to protect their brains, and highly-graspable blue glowing dangly-bits popping out of their bodies randomly?  Could we come up with a strategy that isn't "Punch It In The Face Till It Stops"?
"Anyone?  Anyone? I'm looking directly into the camera at you..."
2. Why does Raleigh spend the whole movie yelling condescending commands at his co-pilot, Mako, when they are MIND-MELDED TOGETHER??
"OBVIOUSLY I know what you are thinking. I have been in a "neural handshake" with you for three hours.
 The answer is still no."

3. Is it a rule that all Russians be blond and technologically backward?

4. How do giant robots designed to fight aquatic monsters keep running out of air for the two humans inside?
"Help!  I'm dying from lack of oxygen, which is a problem the dudes at NASA managed to solve in the 60's!"

5. If someone is arrogant or disrespectful, is there any way for that character to redeem himself which doesn't involve dying?

"Well, for me right now.... No. No there isn't.  Also, I look like a Ninja Turtle."

6.  If Japan (finally!) built a giant robot, do you think they would name it Coyote Tango?
Seems legit..
and finally

7. Why did the giant robot go into combat with the giant monster and ONLY use a sword when there was NO other option?

"When you make me VERBALLY REMIND you that we have a SWORD is when I really start to question mind-melding as a
combat tool...."

But, giant robots fighting giant monsters. So... who cares?  :)

"The apocalypse has been canceled.  I'm afraid we had a bit of a mix up on the calendar so it will be re-scheduled at a later date.  Thank you so much for your attention."