Saturday, January 02, 2010

Rose Bowl Parade 1/1/2010

Things I Learned in California

1. No matter how many people there are, there could always be more.
2. Sleeping in your car, unless it's a child molester van, is never comfortable.
3. Television really does add 10,000 pounds since the floats that look MASSIVE on TV are really pretty small.
4. Never trust a Greek restaurant that doesn't serve lemon rice.
5. Apparently no one worries about building an amusement park on top of a pier. Guess giant wooden platforms are the natural place for scary rides.
6. The best shoes are always $5 and made in China
7. It's really easy to eat an entire tin of butter cookies if one isn't careful.
8. I think mollusks are creepy.
9. There are a LOT of hot Asian men in California.
10. I never have to go to the Rose Bowl Parade ever again!