Friday, September 19, 2008


1. Dear costume designer-- Thank you for not making everyone wear space suits. Thank you also for putting Colin Firth in cute little plaid shorts. He's adorable! He's also cute in his "I'm Really Gay" disco outfit. So, thanks for that!

2. Dear costume designer of the Broadway production -- I don't know if you are aware of this but ABBA isn't glam rock. Sure glam rock existed concurrently with ABBA's popularity but that's still no excuse to express your loathing for your entire cast by putting them in the ugliest clothing you could find. You and I know that sparkly Lycra is NO ONE'S friend.

3. Back to the movie. Everyone shut up about Pierce Brosnan already! If the point of singing is to sound pretty... yeah, he sounds a lot like Axle Rose. So that's not pretty. BUT, if the point of singing is to communicate (I am of this school of thought) then he acted the hell out of those songs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. If ya gotta have a dance number, then 30 gay men in short shorts wearing flippers is a VERY GOOD CHOICE. Seeing the underside of Christine Baranski's thighs is a bad one. Just so ya know....

5. If Christine Baranski is a serial wife and plastic surgery aficinado, then please make her wear some fake boobs! Or, failing that, at least get her a bathing suit that fits.

6. I like the vaseline-on-the-lens look and the halo-of-sunshine-overexposed look and the cleanly-realistic-complete-with-pink-rimmed-eyes-on-Meryl-Streep look but please don't do them all in one scene.

7. I really liked the wedding dress. It was pretty.

8. Rebecca and I agreed during the movie that our next vacation would in fact be to the Agios Ioannis Chapel, Skopelos, Greece. And I will need and oxygen tank to climb all the stairs.

9. It really surprised me that the Bill Anderson character was such a fuddy-duddy. But, then I remembered he's supposed to be a writer and he probably wants to be left alone so much that perpetually being on a ship is a good thing.

10. Why is marriage a bad option? Why couldn't the daughter just have gotten married and then gone off with her boy? Why were the parents way happier that their daughter is going to sleep her way around the world? I don't get it....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HAMLET 2 -- by naudy ---- 7

Let be begin by saying this movie is in no way edify-ing or appropriate for my mother.
That said -- IT ROCKS! I went with my hairdresser/adopted sister to a 1opm showing last night. We were two of the four folks in the whole theater and so it was easy to tell how much I was laughing. There are so many ridiculous lines, and moments, and most of 'em aren't anything I should be repeating, so I'm just going to say I enjoyed it way too much.