Thursday, June 01, 2006


I loved it. I went w/ my sisters to see it, which was a bit of a challenge 'cause they like to talk through movies. It can be embarrassing when one goes to opening night of a film, sits in a theater packed full of geeks who have waited three years for the majesty that is X Men, and sits next to my sisters who loudly cheer when we are treated to a slow pan of someone's grave. The geeks to the right of me were visibly upset every time my sister expressed how hot Colossus is whenever he was on screen. That my sisters are funny and I agreed with them only made it worse. =)

Anyway, Wolverine does some serious Shatner-esque acting, but I loved it 'cause his shirt was off. Famke Janssen looked amazing, (I think) even though her costumer hated her and she had visible hair dye on her scalp. Iceman's character is LAME, Angel is cool, Juggernaut was a blast, and Beast is The Best Thing Ever. Plus, Magneto finds a pack of tatooed mutants who channel the awesome power of androgny and they hang out while he moves a bridge. Unfortunately Halle Berry is still in the movie and tries to act while wearing a brand-new Tina Turner wig, but you can ignore her fairly well as she's managed to completely free herself from the pinching restraints of Storm's actual personality and isn't even bothering to pretend she's anything other than Halle Berry in a Tina Turner wig.

Basically I loved it and was highly entertained. As I have no moral issues with Cyclops not being in the movie, or any other geek obsession/freak-out, I recommend it for everyone.