Thursday, July 14, 2011

DOCTOR WHO -- Greatest Superhero EVER!!

To begin, the Doctor IS a superhero.  For reals.   
He matches up with all of the guidelines which are, loosely:
  •  Have a super power or be alien. 
Regeneration! Ta da!
  •  Have a dicey relationship with the laws of physics (as currently known/understood by human race.)

The TARDIS. Bigger on the inside.
  •  Have a really good origin story/traumatic childhood. (see: Time War)
Home, aka "The planet I blew up during the Time War"
  •  Possess an arch nemesis.

I would have added a Dalek photo here but Dalek fangirls are funnier.
  •  Have poor taste in clothing. 

Capes? Anyone? You? Oh, you already have a bow.
  •  Have the desire/ability to save people from dire situations
Saving the world from the Sycorax in his pyjamas -- just like every other superhero!
  •  AND, Have a strongly ingrained reluctance to kill
Unless it's one of these guys. Then it's ON!
So there. 

Now, why is the Doctor the Greatest Superhero EVER!!!?  It's because he's FUNNY!  Standard (i.e. made in America) superheros take themselves waaay too seriously. 
The spanx under the spandex is what makes us frown.
Apparently saving the world is some real serious business and there is nothing, NOTHING funny about me wearing my underpants on the outside. Nothing. Stop giggling.

Does this man look like he takes himself seriously?
The good Doctor, however, really doesn't walk around with a cop face on while planning to save the universe.  He uses the TARDIS like a regular person would -- to get babes.  The saving the world stuff just keeps coming up when he's on his way to show some fine lady and/or her friends a good time on Arcateen V 'cause chicks dig Butterfly People and writing bad poetry.  He carries a sonic screwdriver because it's more useful than blasters or other such single-purpose tools and it starts with the word "screw."  He's the last of the pompously-named Time Lords and he's just out to have a good time.

The Sexiest U-Boat Captain alive
So the Doctor is the greatest superhero EVER because he's willing to help everyone and is all about having a laugh on the way. (This officially makes him 73% cooler than Superman since good ol' Kal-El is pretty dull once you get over the x-ray vision party trick.)  And, in case you were wondering, of all the doctors who have ever been THE Doctor, Christopher Eccleson was the hottest.

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