Sunday, November 20, 2011


Have you ever met one of those people whom you want to like but can't quite manage it?  Someone who seems cool, who appears to have a lot in common with you, and who you can't quite connect with?  Someone who isn't quite there enough to have a real conversation with -- or is somehow shutting you out so you can't?

TOWER HEIST is a lot like that.  I really wanted to like it, it has actors whom I am fond of, it has setting and plot which are theoretically interesting, and is supposed to be funny.   Somehow, though,  TOWER HEIST manages to not live up to it's own potential.  It manages to take all these great elements and then not really use them.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this as it was directed by the dude who did RUSH HOUR 1-3.   They weren't bad movies, and TOWER HEIST isn't bad either.  It's just not enough.  Not enough heart to the characters, not enough time spent on anyone, and not enough feasible plot points.  I did like the way Ben Stiller's Ben-Stiller-ness was kept to a minimum.  (He tends to think that he's really funny and can grow tedious.)  I also liked how his character Josh Kovacs is actually smart and tough.  There was some attempt to demonstrate how folks in low-paying service jobs are disrespected but not quite enough time proving how clever and human they actually are.  But, it's a Brett Ratner flick so that is probably asking too much of such a middling director. (Not that I could do better.)
However, Ms Sidibe probably could do better 'cause she's AWESOME!
Basically it's sad when you see a film and walk out of it saying "Well, that was no OCEANS ELEVEN."