Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So, today I learned that if you google "muppets movie 2011" you get a Miami Vice photo of Ricky Gervaise with a baby tiger on his knee.

Who knew?

Anyway, THE MUPPETS was a fun movie and I realized while watching it that I had never seen a Muppets movie on the big screen.  My entire childhood's experience with the puppets was exclusively through fuzzy VHS cassettes or even fuzzier memories of what the show was like when I was a kid.  Seeing close-ups of Fozzie on the big screen was sort of disconcerting.   HUGE heads!   Cheap fake fur!  When did Fozzie get grey eyebrows?  Did he always have grey eyebrows??  It was strange. 

However, I really enjoyed the movie.   I liked the musical numbers, I liked 80s Robot, I liked the silly jokes, I liked the closet full of snacking showgirls, and I liked that they never ever untied Jack Black.

But, what it really made me want to do is just watch the old movies.  Back when Kermit & Piggy sounded like they should, Gonzo was insecure about his weirdness, and no one EVER told Animal not to drum.  ESPECIALLY not Jack Black.