Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Movies 2012

So, when I could be bothered to stop watching Kingdom,
Eighteen hours of Stephen Fry just isn't enough
Warehouse 13,

Because I only watch tastefully understated science shows
or bollywood rom-coms about Sikhs on Netflix,

I absolutely love this crap

 I occasionally went to the movies this summer.  And, generally speaking, my overall impression of everything was -- meh.

Yes, ABRAHAM LINCOLN:VAMPIRE HUNTER was a good show.  THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS was fun.  And someday I will get around to seeing that last Batman movie.  But, in early summer, I went with the sisters to the drive-in and managed to see pieces of about eight different movies and I didn't much care about any of them, including BRAVE, the movie we went there to see.

I wish I had a reason for this apathy, but I don't.  Thankfully I have friends and relatives who are willing to watch and review films for this blog so look out for that.  I, however, just want to listen to Goodnight Moon by Eric Whitacre and watch Joseph Campbell lectures on Netflix.  And, since I have nothing to say about those things other than "Susan Sarandon needs to sit straight in her chair", I'm off to other, more impossible worlds.  See you in the fall.